RENTPACKAGE, The free advertising online rent management platform
Still using Excel to calculate rent? Here's a new way to manage property.
Why are you still running around for signing a contract?
Fill in the address, lease term, rent and deposit on the three contracts. Landlord and tenant repeatedly fill in personal information then sign.
Still posting ads on the side of the road?  Before renting out, you have already paid a lot of money.
Manage houses and also deal with all kinds of tenant issues. What should I do?
With Rentpackage, you can easily handle managing matters.
You have 100 employees and 10 branches. What can you do to create a co-management team for each branch?
The employees under the boss of property management company are all busy on their own. However, the boss can't keep track of their work in time. 
When collecting rent every month, what can you do to avoid keying in repeated rent and fees one by one?
After rent collection, calculating management fee and the payment to landlord is so repetitive and time-consuming. How to simplify the whole process?
Facing all kinds of urgent maintenance tasks, how to effectively arrange maintenance worker's schedule?
With Rentpackage, you can easily handle managing matters.
Enter the rental period Automatically generate scheduled charges
When it's time, payment notification will automatically be emailed to the tenant
After tenant's remittance on Rentpackage, System will notify automatically. No need to spend time on reconciliation.
Simplify the reconciliation processEasily verify all payment details in the scheduled charges
If there's a late payment, the system will automatically notify both parties
Easily keep track of every rent collection and property rental status
I sign all my contracts online. I'll send you an email. Click the link, just sign after reviewing.待翻: 透過EMAIL寄送合約, 點擊連結開始線上簽約(原版:我都用線上簽約,等一下會寄email給你,點開連結後簽名就好)
No need to install any software.  Receive email and just sign.
Available on both mobile devices and computers.
Automatically send the contract to both parties.
待翻譯: 拖拉式合約範本,產生客製化合約範本
Select a contract template. Every time you sign a contract, the system will automatically bring in the address, lease term, rent, deposit, landlord and tenant's name.
Available on both mobile devices and computers. Automatically send the contract to both parties.
Rentpackage The free advertising online rental management platform
Unlimited number of listings Quickly fill in key information
Post images With Youtube video ads A convenient online property viewing, stop wasting your time running around for property showing
If the tenant doesn't renew the lease Free advertising to reduce vacancy rate
Available on both mobile devices and computers
One-click login with GOOGLE or FACEBOOK account
Flexible permission settings. Satisfy both centralized and decentralized management model.
Add team member to watching list to co-manage.
Flexible permission settings.:Set up employee's role and assign properties.
the system will automatically notify, allowing the team to keep track of the latest property status.
Schedule a reminder Group notification. No tenants missed
Arrange maintenance schedule. No properties missed
When recording meter readings, just take out your phone Enter the readings. Utility bill will be calculated automatically
When creating a new lease, just enter the lease term, select paid monthly. Twelve scheduled charges within the lease term will be automatically generated. No need to enter payment every month.
Next, key in the commission from landlord.The system will automatically bring in the management fee and generate twelve scheduled management fees. Twelve scheduled management fees will be automatically generated.
A statement for landlord will be automatically generated. Transaction details and payment breakdown between landlord and property manager will be clear at a glance
待翻: 輕鬆管理多家分店
Help you establish organizational structure with ease.
Let Rentpackage simplify your working process and boost your employee productivity.
Build your own virtual mobile office. Link your high mobility team members closely together.
Provide twenty-four seven service to clients and build up professionalism and trustworthiness.
With Rentpackage It's like having a property manager Managing can be so easy!
Landlord and property manager version are grandly launched now.
No need to install any software. Login now for free trial.
Built in simulated landlord, tenant, property data. Don't have to key in. Experience features right away.
We all recommend using this product.
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房源管理 免費刊登廣告 記錄退租 續租
線上簽約/收租行事曆/房客群組通知/(水電功能, 報修, 簡訊提醒程式未寫)
財務管理 計算收入支出

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